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Any person who is a qualified midwife is eligible to be a Full member. This category of membership includes all Registered Midwives including Auxiliary Nurse Midwives. They should posses RM certificate with a registration number.

Any person having a concern for accomplishing the objectives set by SOMI but may not be a registered midwife is eligible to apply for Associate membership. It includes nurses, birth attendants, doctors, activists, lawyers, researchers, and others interested in improving the quality of maternal health. Associate members are entitled to the same privileges as full members except in the case of elections. Associate members are not eligible to be nominated for executive posts or to vote during elections for executive posts. They are eligible to vote on statements related to maternal health issued by SOMI.

Any institution within India involved in specialized training or research in midwifery or maternal health related issues may be members. Every institution that is a member shall have two free full memberships. They will be given two additional votes during elections. Every institution that is a member will be given a discount of 50 percent for display of its professional products and processes and will be given preference over other institutions for holding special sessions during conferences of SOMI.

Any individual with a high level of expressed commitment to the cause of maternal health and gender equity may be accepted as a Patron of the Society. The Patron will also contribute to the sustainability of the Society as an Advisor. The Patron may give guidelines to the utilization of the contributed funds for long term benefits and achievement of goals of SOMI.

Type of Members  
Full Members Practicing Nurse-Midwives such as staff nurses and ANMs Rs.500
  Facilitating Midwives such as tutors, supervisors, faculty members, researchers, administrators and others not directly providing services Rs.1000
Indian midwives residing abroad (SIMA or Society of Indian Midwives Abroad)   Rs.5000
Associate Members   Rs.1000
Institutions as Members   Rs.50000
Patron Members   Rs.100000

Any applicant wishing to join SOMI will have to fill and submit the membership form along with the fee applied to him/her.

Membership rules and regulations

Membership fee is for admission into the SOMI only. Membership fee is:

  • Valid for life time.
  • Individual and non transferable .
  • Not refundable upon cancellation or termination.

Any amendment/ change in the membership fee structure may be proposed in the Annual General Body Meeting.

Membership Cards

Each member will be issued a SOMI Membership Card. By accepting the SOMI Membership Card, members agree to abide by the Rules of the Society and strive to achieve the objectives of the Society.

Membership cards shall remain the property of the Society. Any Member who loses her / his membership card shall report the loss to the Secretariat. The fee for replacing the lost cards or making changes in the cards issued shall be Rs. 100.

Membership Records

Every member of SOMI will be listed in the National membership list and also in the State/Chapter list. The membership list shall be updated every year and circulated to chapters for verification.

Cessation Of Membership


A member may withdraw her/his name from the list of members of the Society by notifying the Secretariat in writing. The Secretariat shall inform the Executive who in turn shall ensure that the member‘s name is removed from the list of Members, in consultation with the Governing Council and after a written statement is obtained from the member. The name shall be announced to the General Body. However the membership fee shall not be refunded.

Suspension and Expulsion

Membership will be suspended in the event of:

  • proven harmful practices by any member; or
  • criminal charges against any member; or
  • practice or behaviour that is liable to bring the Society into disrepute or
  • work or statements issued counter to the objectives of the Society.

The Executive Committee shall initiate proceedings for suspension or expulsion but the decision will be taken by the Governing Council after a fair trial. The matter will be put up to the General Body for ratification.

Bring Together

Any applicant wishing to join SOMI will have to fill and submit the membership form along with the fee applied to him/her.

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